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Wonder if she’s faking? Want to make her cum virtually on command?
The secret proven combination to any woman’s orgasm lock
Don’t do this! What dries her up like the Sahara?
Discover how to avoid the all-time worst sure fire passion killer
Tired of asking for sex? How to flip the script and get her to beg!
The sexual formula so powerful no woman can resist it
Warning: your failure is their gain! Don’t let porn and big pharma use you any more!
The dark sexual truth they’re desperate to hide from you

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Why You’ll Become A Sexual Master Virtually As Fast As You Want With Sexual Power Mastery

Rather than…

Trying to sift through mountains of information online and off - most of which is bogus and will only lead you to humiliating failure…

In Alex’s Sexual Power Mastery program, you’ll discover:

  • The most powerful and proven secrets of the world’s greatest lovers

  • How to put them into play tonight

  • How to blow any woman’s mind and make her completely sexually addicted to you!

…without the need for pills, pumps, creams or any other garbage that doesn’t work.

…regardless of your dick size or sexual experience.

Sexual power mastery

When you enroll in Alex’s program, I give you immediate access to his entire Sexual Power Mastery course – a home study version of the 1 on 1 consultation program that he charges more than $20,000 over in Amsterdam!

  • You’ll learn the truth about the 10 most damaging sexual myths we men are told today.

  • You’ll discover Alex’s 4 part sexual success foundation – putting this to work in your love making is guaranteed to drive her mad with passion.

And do you know what?

The truth is that just giving you the basic SPM 4 cornerstones alone is guaranteed to dramatically change your sex life forever…

…provided you follow it exactly, of course…

I mean if you can’t follow a step by step guide that’s been proven over and over again to drive any woman insane with lust, then nobody can help you.

But because of the humiliating experiences I’ve talked about… watching another man anally fuck my wife… being told by a gorgeous European woman I was the worst lover she’s ever had… and because I’ve made it my mission to help guys just like us avoid this…

…and because I was raised that when you do something, you do it 110%...

Alex and I have beefed up Sexual Power Mastery even further…

So in the kicked up SPM blueprint, you’ll also learn:

  • Alex’s secrets to the female orgasm and how to use your hands and mouth to bring her to multiple climaxes before you’re even inside her!

  • You’ll quickly master the most powerful oral sex techniques – be warned, she’s going to thrash and scream so much you may have to hold her down!

  • Alex’s closely guarded penetration sequences for maximum stimulation to make her cum every time regardless of your size.

Oh, and let’s not forget that super-sensitive, hidden erogenous zone that every woman has and that most people don’t even know about.

A magic button that when you learn where it is and how to press it, will send shivers of pleasure through her body… it’s like a fuck switch that takes her to full on horny in seconds!

There’s something else as well. Remember I mentioned that there’s something about a woman, something in her makeup that acts as a wall to the most intense sexual pleasures?

Well, SPM is going to explain what this is, how it works and how to turn this natural alarm system off so that your woman is totally responsive to you and to the full range of unbridled sexual ecstasy you’re giving her!

And that’s just for starters!

TODAY ONLY $475 $47


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Available Worldwide
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

TODAY ONLY $475 $47


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Available Worldwide
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

1. The first gift you get by acting today is
Alex’s book “11 Types of Female Orgasm”

11 Types of Female Orgasm

Most women are as surprised as you to learn this – they’re lucky if they know about 1 or 2!

Knowing these 11 orgasms and how to trigger them is what makes her say, “Nobody knows my body like you do…”

And you know, it’s not about tantric sex or anything weird, just basic biology and stuff that any guy can do. This is a $27 value and you’re getting it free.

2. Not only that, but you’ll also get… “4 Easy Steps to Squirting Orgasms.”

4 Easy Steps to Squirting Orgasms

This book is your shortcut to the most powerful orgasms any woman can achieve and experience in your hands... And these orgasms are multiple too!

All you have to do is go through each of the 4 simple steps.

This includes how to prepare your woman and the right squirting technique most people get wrong. That’s the reason why so few lovers can actually do it.

It’s normally $47 and now Alex is giving it to you for nothing…

3. You’re gonna get a very special treat:
it’s called “Erotic Dominance Inauguration.”

Erotic Dominance Inauguration

This is an interview with one of the world’s top experts on this subject. From this interview, you will learn:

How a truly dominant man approaches the delicate subject of female sexual fantasies. Step-by-step instructions on how to bring this new source of pleasure into your life.

Dominance in a relationship: how you make your woman feel comfortable doing all kinds of naughty things with you in bed.

Expert advice on how to gradually expand her comfort zone and make her engage in more and more daring adventures with you.

A three-step plan on creating the sex-life of your dreams.

This interview, which in fact is a crash course from the leading expert in this field, is a $57 freebee just for you.

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TODAY ONLY $475 $47


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Available Worldwide
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